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Strong Security

Your files are highly secured, All uploaded files are encrypted and stored on different servers with the help of encryption technology which makes it unhackable!


Unlimited Speed

All files upload by users are stored on super fast ssd servers. All data are requested from near by nodes which gives a very very high speed while uploading and downloading. All files are fully encrypted and stored!


250 GB Free Storage

We understand how important is your files, We provide you a FREE 250 GB storage. If you need more storage you can upgrade to our premium plans.

Amazing Features


Request withdraw from PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Paytm, WebMoney, UPI, eSewa etc.

User Friendly

We have a very simple UI that makes you easy to use and navigate our platform.

Notification Alerts

Whenever you receive a payment from our system you will get mail alert

Support 24/7

We have our dedicated team working days and night with any of your problems or questions.


We are accessibile from any country. Anyone can start earning money with dlupload

Full Control

Once you login to your account, you will have full access control on your account

DLUpload Premium Plans

If you are not comportable with our FREE plan you can any time use our premium plan.
Premium plan starts with just cost you 7.49$ per month!

  • DL Free
  • 0$
  • FREE
  • 250 Gb Storage
  • Normal Payout Rates
  • 40% revenue sharing on premium purchases
  • Normal Email Support
  • DL Basic
  • $14.99
  • Per Month
  • 1 Tb Storage
  • 10% Higher Payout Rates
  • Exclusive Personal Account Manager
  • 50% revenue sharing on premium purchases
  • Daily Payments
  • DL Legend
  • $34.99
  • Per Month
  • 4 TB Storage
  • 20% Higher Payout Rate
  • Exclusive Personal Support Account Manager
  • Free Access To Premium Search Engine Plan
  • 60% revenue sharing on premium purchases
  • Daily Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

The available payment methods are Paypal, Payonner, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Paytm, and eSewa.

The minimum amount for withdraw is just 5$. As soon as you reach first 5$ you can add your withdraw request.

Our payment schedule is once a week, Every week sunday - tuesday you will get your payout. If you have enabled auto withdraw then your withdraw request will be automatically added every week on sunday.

In 24 hour, DLUpload count 2 download from same ip address. For every 12 hour from same ip address we count 1 downloads i.e 2 downloads in 24 hours.

We count file download when file downloading is started, Many other platforms count download only after file is 100% downloaded but we count file download once file downloading is started so this will potentially grow your revenue.